December 8, 2023


Shelby Township Seeking Feedback for Intersection Lighting

Shelby, Michigan. The Shelby Township Board continues to look for opportunities to improve road safety for township residents and visitors. With this goal in mind, in 2022, the Shelby Township Board executed a plan to hire a local farmer to mow the Right-of-Way twice a year. This initiative was put into place to supplement the once-a-year mowing provided by the Oceana County Road Commission.

Looking to 2024, Shelby Township is now looking at options for street lighting in major intersections. The Township board is seeking feedback from Shelby Township residents and surrounding residents to better understand the township’s needs to help move in the right direction.  The Board is also looking at the impact of signs showing the major streets the motorists are approaching.  Similar to other Townships in southern Michigan.

“The Shelby Township Board is incredibly appreciative of all the residents who mow the front of their rural properties and are mindful of the safety concerns of tall grass and wildlife,” said Richard Raffaelli, Shelby Township Supervisor. “Shelby Township residents exhibit pride in their homes and surrounding areas, and we look forward to their feedback on how we can improve lighting at major intersections.”

Please contact the office with your feedback on the direction the Board should be following.

If you’d like to provide feedback to the township, please contact the office at 231-861-5853 or email at