April 3, 2023

Shelby, MI – Shelby Township, Oceana County, is pleased to announce that recent grant applications have been awarded. The following is an outline of the grants.

United States Representative John Moolenaar was successful in appropriations in the amount of $800,000 slated to be utilized at the new Shelby Township Community Park. The Congressman and his team worked very hard to ensure Oceana County received federal money for projects in our community. “As Michigan’s only member on the House Appropriations Committee, I am proud to support the people and communities of the Second District with funding for their key priorities. The Shelby Community Park will be a welcome addition to the area for residents to enjoy,” said Congressman John Moolenaar.

State Senator Jon Bumstead and his team worked through the State budget appropriations and were successful in securing $750,000 for Shelby Township. Said Senator Jon Bumstead, “I would like to congratulate the community of Shelby on receiving further funding for the Shelby Community Park. This park will surely be a pinnacle in Oceana County and provide additional enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.” Shelby Township is grateful for the hard work and dedication of Jon and his team.

Shelby Township was awarded $230,000 from the Michigan Labor & Economic Development – Michigan Community Center Grant Program to erect a community amphitheater, at the Shelby Township Community Park, which will also house outdoor learning activities and community church events.

A recent $35,000 MSHDA grant will allow Shelby Township to update its zoning ordinance and enhance our master plan by utilizing a third-party expert for support.

“To date, over the last three years, the Shelby Township Board has successfully received 6.1 Million in grants to enhance our small community,” said Shelby Township Supervisor Richard Raffaelli. “The Board is acutely aware that this is all taxpayer money but also understands that this was money slated for other cities, townships, and even other States, so it’s only fair that Oceana County receives its money back. It takes a lot of work and commitment, but Shelby Township has been up for the challenge.”