Township Assessor

Barbie Eaton, Assessor

Assessing property is conducted all year. The State Tax commission has requested that 20% of the Township be revisited every year. If we visit your property and you are not home we will leave a bright, pink door hanger informing you that we have been there. There isn’t anything that you need to do. It is just letting you know that we were there measuring the buildings, decks, etc.

During the year the Board of Review meets three times.

The first time is in March and it is for the current year only. At this board meeting the public can present their case if they feel that their property is not being valued correctly. Before you go to the Board of Review please contact the assessor to see if the issue can be resolved. The March Board of Review meeting is by appointment only, so please contact the Township offices for an appointment day and time.

The second and third meetings for the Board of Review are held in July and December. These meetings are for clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact along with Principal Residence Exemptions.

Board of Review:

Sandy Schultz; 231-861-2068

Denny Payne; 231-861-5163 / 231-923-9222

Floyd Strandberg; 231-670-5190