New Community Park Proposed in Shelby Township

Shelby, MI – A new community park development has been proposed in Shelby Township. The park development, located on Buchanan Road, near 72nd, is designed to promote the physical and psychological health of Oceana residents by offering access to a well-maintained area to exercise and enjoy nature. It would be a meeting place for families and organizations to connect while social distancing. The project was launched through the generous donations from private donors, who envisioned a community park that would be open to everyone in Oceana County and would encourage outdoor activities and community unity.

The planning committee is in the process of applying for grants at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) and is also looking for community support and feedback. To be competitive in the grant process, the park proposal is in great need of letters of support from the community.

A special Shelby Township Board Meeting will be held on Monday, December 21, 2020, at 7 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to present information about the planning and grant application process, answer questions, and receive comments that Shelby Township community might have regarding the preliminary Recreation Plan. The meeting will be held via Zoom, and the link can be found below:


Also, the committee has put together an online survey requesting feedback from the Shelby Township community. The link can be found below:


Shelby Township Community Park and Recreation Plan Public Input Survey


The park would aid our local economy by increasing the benefits of living in Oceana County. While located in Shelby, the park will be with-in a short drive to residents in neighboring communities. Areas that invest in increasing their residents’ quality of life are known to increase the townships’ attractiveness to future residents and businesses.

From the Committee for the 5-Year Park & Recreation Plan, “We believe that Shelby and Oceana County are a fantastic place to live and work, and we hope to invest in our community to showcase our pride in our area by investing in its residents’ quality of life.”


For more information, contact:

The Committee for the 5-Year Park & Recreation Plan for the Township of Shelby

204 N. Michigan, Shelby MI 49455 | (231) 861-5853