ITC’s Donaldson Creek-White Lake Rebuild project.

This project will rebuild approximately 18 miles of 138kV line within Shelby, Grant and Montague townships.  Construction is slated to start in the Fall of 2023.  This post outlines the vegetation work being completed prior to construction.

The parcels highlighted in the images below show the affected townships in red. Trees and brush within the Right of Way (ROW) will be removed. Brush and treetops will be mulched on site, and logs will be stacked at the edge of the ROW and parallel to the transmission lines. The corridor dimensions are being enhanced to meet rebuild specs for this voltage. Kappen Tree Service will be performing this work. The current timing of this work is one to two weeks, so the back end of December.

If you have questions/concerns, please contact the Customer Line information below.
(877) 482-4829