Shelby, MI – Shelby Township, Oceana County, is thrilled to announce the awarding of $2,500,000 from the Community Enhancement Grant from the State of Michigan. This significant funding will be allocated to the development of the Shelby Township Sports Complex, a project that promises to enrich the community and provide state-of-the-art recreational facilities for residents of all ages.

The Shelby Township Sports Complex, which will be located at the Shelby Township Community Park, is being designed to be a premier destination for indoor sports and recreation and amenities to support various community events and activities. The complex aims to foster community engagement, promote healthy lifestyles, and enhance the quality of life for all Oceana County residents.

“We are incredibly grateful for this generous grant, which marks a monumental step forward for our community,” said Richard Raffaelli, Shelby Township Supervisor. “This funding will enable us to create a vibrant, inclusive space where families, athletes, and community members can come together to enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities. We extend our deepest appreciation to Senator Jon Bumsted and his hardworking team for their unwavering support and dedication to our community.”

Shelby Township will continue to provide updates on the Sports Complex’s progress and looks forward to celebrating this facility with the community.

For more information about the Shelby Township Community & Sports Center, please contact Shelby Township at (231) 861-5853 or