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Michigan Spark Grant Application
for development of Shelby Township
Community Park
Notice is hereby given that Shelby Township,
Oceana County, will conduct a public hearing
meeting on Monday December 5th, 2022, at 6pm
prior to the Monthly Board Meeting, at the Shelby
Township Hall located at 204 N Michigan Avenue,
Shelby MI. The purpose of this hearing will be to
obtain public comment and input regarding Shelby
Township’s intent to apply for grant funding from the
Spark Grant program. The proposed grant
application will be used to fund Shelby Township’s
Community Park, located at the SW corner of
Buchanan and 72nd Avenue. The proposed
improvements generally include soccer fields,
ball fields, benches, pathways, fitness stations,
restrooms, picnic shelters, hard surface court
games, playground, community amphitheater and
other park infrastructures. A copy of the proposed
plan can be accessed on the Township Website or
by visiting the Township Hall where the proposed
plan is on display.
Interested parties are invited to attend and contribute
any comments related to the grant application. As
an alternative, written comments may also be
submitted to Marilyn Glover, Township Clerk by US
postal mail at PO Box 215, Shelby MI 49455 or use
our drop box located at 204 N Michigan Ave., any
time up until 6pm December 5, 2022.
Marilyn Glover

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